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The Homestead Weekend Update

With so many irons in the fire I thought a quick update on the homestead was in order.


My Radiator Charlie’s Mortgage Lifter seedlings are as ready for the arrival of Spring as I.  Sadly, we all have to wait.  As of noon, the temperature on the homestead is 37 and the clearing skies promised by the weather forecasters have yet to make an appearance. Even I am not cruel enough to try to harden my seedlings in conditions this severe, so I will just have to settle for a few photos to share the beauty.


Here we have tomatoes of various types and some dill reaching for the sun wearing this season’s hippest new fashion, my newspaper seed starter pots [DIY video here].  I have several varieties of heirloom tomatoes started and ready to be potted up, so that is likely to be this afternoon’s project.

Yesterday was rainy and windy so I took advantage of the downtime to catch up on a couple of things that had fallen by the wayside.

First, on a whim I made up a couple of jars of a spur of the moment pickling mix with cabbage, sweet onion & cukes.  The brine was vinegar, sea salt, honey, red pepper flakes, turmeric and a dash of my homemade habanero pepper sauce.

Next up, the vintage Singer sewing machine I found a month ago at a local thrift store for $20 received a new needle and a good cleaning and I am happy to report that it works as well as it ever did.

Finally, the rag rug I am making from recycled shirts is going well too, and I finished up the 2nd of 6 shirts last night.  A rotary cutter makes the process of cutting the shirt into strips go by so much faster and now that I am a third of the way through the original project I am already chomping at the proverbial bit to start my next crochet adventure.  At this point the project measures about 12” x 16”.


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