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The Thrift of It All


A local thrift store had a storewide sale today in which everything was 50% off so of course we had to drop by for a visit.  While John nabbed a great metal wall cabinet and new wooden bed rails.  I couldn’t help myself when I found a bin full of pillow cases that were 25¢ each before the sale price.  The baker’s dozen cases I grabbed were all in great condition and perfect for  everything from making reusable shopping bags (each pillow case can make two) to quilting squares.

I should mention that the same thrift store is where I found this beauty just a few days before:


This old beauty is a Singer Model 327K made in Great Britain, though I haven’t yet been able to figure out exactly when it was manufactured.  I’ll contact Singer to get an exact year just to satisfy my curiosity.  Aside from needing a working machine, this one appealed to me because a) I saved it from a thrift store and b) it is all metal construction, so it coincides with my commitment to reduce our plastic consumption.


Singer Sewing Machine:  $22.67
Pillow Cases & Fabric:     $4.34

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