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My Books

My most recent book is called Plant-Based Boot Camp, released in the spring of 2017. You can read more about it in the sidebar to the right.

Food Camp  is survival training for the kitchen impaired; a how-to guide that will teach you to prepare the basic dishes we all love and to do them well.

Start your training with basic breakfast foods like eggs and smoothies, then move on to your choice of several soups and salads for lunch. The dinner menu has plenty to choose from for even the most picky eaters, like burgers, fries, macaroni & cheese and even chicken nuggets.

Did we mention dessert? Let’s just say your sweet tooth with not be disappointed.



I wrote I Garden: Urban Style in 2009 with people who live in urban environments in mind. You can grow delicious, healthy vegetables and beautiful flowers in your urban setting.

No yard? No problem, you have more options available than you think from containers and window boxes to raised beds and community plots. No time? No worries, there are plants and containers that accommodate even the busiest schedule.