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Food Stamp Challenge Day 31: The End

This is Day 31, the final day of a month long food stamp challenge. If this is your first visit, please check out this link to see all of the posts and get a better understanding of what is going on.

Well folks, it’s over. We have survived a tumultuous 31 days on a food stamp budget of $4.50 per person per day and have reached the other side. I know I should feel a sense of accomplishment and relief now that the task is complete, but the truth is I’m more than a little melancholy that it has come to an end.

For most of the month I’ve presented you with a question of the day but today I don’t want to do that. Today I am asking questions of myself. Did we really accomplish anything?  Was this month-long live demonstration of any real benefit to the readers? To us?

The answers will take a while for me to process, I’m afraid. I only hope that we provided food for thought and that you will not leave this challenge unchanged. If nothing else, perhaps you will be more aware of the daily challenge faced by thousands upon thousands of people all around you.

Moving forward, My Earth Garden will not forget the lessons learned in these 31 days. As the creator and owner of this website I make a promise to every reader past, present and future to continue my efforts to bring attention to food scarcity while teaching people how to make better food choices including growing and preserving their own food.

Stay tuned in the coming days for some great giveaways that are hand-picked for people on fixed incomes.



LUNCH: $0.00


DINNER: $2.16
smoked sausage
sautéed cabbage carrots & onions

That means it is time for the final figures for the October Food Stamp Challenge, and they are as follows:

  • Consumed Day 31 : $3.13
  • Total Consumed: $138.93
  • Total Spent: $235.15
  • Total Remaining Cash: $44.03
  • Total Remaining Pantry Items On-Hand: $96.22

I have just one last announcement before officially closing the challenge. It was previously stated that the remaining balance would, at the end of this month be donated to an organization that feeds the hungry 365 days a year. That is still true, but not entirely accurate.

Mother Teresa once said “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.” and while I love the quote, I know that I can do more.

The organization mentioned above provides Thanksgiving Meals to the less fortunate at a cost of $1.95 per person, which means that as soon as I am able to set the money aside, our donation in the amount of $279.18 (the full amount of our food stamp budget for this challenge) will feed more than 140 people.

Thank you to every person who has read, commented, tweeted and shared our posts this month. You each have earned a special place in my heart.

With Love,

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