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New Smartphone App Lets You ResQWalk for the Animals

A smartphone app that makes it possible for me to help animals in need without spending any money? I’m all over it.

A few months ago, a friend brought to my attention an app that supports your choice of dog rescues. It earned an indeterminate amount of money through ads within the app itself, and though I used it several times I was always a bit wary of the lack of financial transparency.

Yesterday I was intrresQwalk1oduced to a new app called ResQwalk and those concerns were immediately alleviated. Available for iPhone and Android users, the ResQwalk app not only allows you to choose from lots of rescues, by default it sorts the list by location, showing you rescues that are closest to you. It also allows you to mark several rescue groups as favorites, and select one each time you start a walk.

Once you begin a walk, you have the option of pausing it at any time. That came in handy for my trip this morning. I started at my favorite doughnut shop (Revolution Doughnuts, heeeeeeey!) and walked to the nearby MARTA station, which was about half a mile away. Then I walked the station platform until the train arrived, and paused the app while I rode to my stop.

ResQwalk2Once I stepped off the train, I started the app again and walked another half mile home. When I walked through the door, I had walked 1.26 miles and donated a little money to a charity I strongly believe in. Even better, the app updates weekly with the number of miles walked and number of dollars raised for each organization, so the transparency issue is solved for me as well.

Here’s the pitch: I would love for each of you with a smartphone to download the ResQwalk app and use it daily. Use it when you walk the dog. Use it with you go for a jog. Use it when you walk to the mailbox, or even when you walk in circles in the living room.

As I mentioned, there are lots of hardworking charities from which to choose, all of which no doubt need the money. I’m sure you can find one that is important to you. If you would like my suggestion, I support Full Circle Farm Sanctuary in North Carolina.

Whatever you do, do something. It’s easy, takes seconds, and costs you nothing.

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  • Maggie Little July 21, 2015, 6:14 pm

    There’s a similar app called Charity Miles at Charitymiles.org.

    • Michael Nolan July 22, 2015, 12:14 pm

      Thanks for the info, Maggie! I’ll check it out as well.

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