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Hey Spring! Let’s Get Going!

bonnie plants

Just like that, without any fanfare, the spring 2015 planting season has begun in my new garden space. Four days before the official beginning of spring, the sun is shining, temperatures are tipping the 80 degree mark and I just can’t help myself – I’ve got to plant something!

Lucky for me, there are several retailers within a few miles that carry the wonderful products from my friends at Bonnie Plants, so all that was left was to exercise a bit of restraint when choosing what I would do today. Because I will be purchasing seedlings from a local source in support of neighborhood gardening projects, I decided on two tomatoes today: Super Sweet 100 and German Johnson. I also grabbed a bundle of Georgia Sweet onions, as I didn’t manage to plant any last fall.

For the first time all year, I have dirt under my fingernails again, and a new back garden space to build out this season. It will be largely permaculture-inspired, with the overwhelming majority of plantings being edible.


After quite a few years without them, I plan to include potatoes in this year’s garden lineup, though I am still on the fence about which variety to grow. I love fingerlings and Yukon Gold and have had great success with both in zone 7, but I’m open to other options if someone can convince me that they will be a better choice.

What kind of potatoes are you growing this year? Leave a comment below and tell me about your experience!

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