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A Closer Look at How The GrowBox Works

In my first GrowBox post I talked about the product itself and how it went together, but the photos weren’t very detailed, making it potentially hard for readers to understand how the GrowBox works. This time around I wanted to share a few photos taken during the setup process to give you a better idea of what to expect when you set up your own GrowBox.

The first photo (below) shows everything that comes in the box with a single GrowBox kit. The container itself arrives in two pieces and some assembly is required as you will see. The kit also contains a packet of premeasured organic fertilizer, a printed mulch mat and instructional brochure.

Grow Box 1

When your GrowBox ships, all of the parts are included but some of them will have to be detached from the base. Here you see the plastic pins that will later be used to hold the mulch mat down  (especially helpful on windy days). You will need a sharp blade or heavy duty scissor to remove the pins. Use care when removing these parts because the plastic remnants can be sharp!

Grow Box 2

Once removed, the remaining piece will snap into place after the top and bottom portions of the GrowBox have been joined. Here is a closer look at the wicking chamber that is a key to how the GrowBox works. With the pieces snapped in place you can see the small chamber that will be filled with potting mix. The design allows moisture to be wicked up from the reservoir below, up and into the soil.

Grow Box 3

The base of the upper portion has holes in it. This allows for airflow and drainage when rain waters the GrowBox from above, but it also gives plant roots the ability to grow beyond the soil and into the water reservoir below. This is completely expected, so you shouldn’t be surprised when you see it happen in your own GrowBox.

Grow Box 4

In this photo from the original post, you can see how the GrowBox container looks when filled according to the instructions. It is filled with potting mix all the way to the rim of the container and the organic fertilizer is applied in a long, continuous strip down the center to give immediate and ongoing nutritional support to your plants from Day 1.

Grow Box 5

In my original GrowBox I have two sweet pepper plants and a Super Sweet 100 tomato from Bonnie Plants. As you can see, they have responded well to their GrowBox home.



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FULL DISCLOSURE: GrowBox provided by the company for review purposes at no cost or obligation. All opinions are my own.

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