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Food Stamp Challenge Day 3: The Day We Went Hungry

For those who have asked eligibility questions with regard to the SNAP program, you can use their Pre-Screening Eligibility Tool here and get a better idea for yourself. A brief explanation of eligibility requirements can be found here.

I’m Hungry

After our shared frustration of the failed attempt at a pancake breakfast I skipped the meal altogether. In fact, as the day progressed I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to use the day to illustrate another important point in this challenge – HUNGER.

As high as 32% of households with children in the state of Alabama go hungry at least part of the time because they lack adequate food resources [source]. I chose to go hungry today to represent nearly one-third of households in my state who didn’t have that choice.

The issue of hunger also adds a completely new dimension to this discussion and one that I am surprised no commenter has picked up on yet. Homelessness is a tremendous issue and one that has only grown since the recession led to unprecedented foreclosure rates across the country. There is misinformation out there that has people believing that if they are homeless they do not have access to food stamps / SNAP. This excerpt is taken directly from the SSA online website:

Homeless people and SNAP

If you are homeless you can still get SNAP even if you do not have an address, a place to stay or a place to cook meals. You are considered homeless if you do not have a fixed regular nighttime residence or your primary nighttime residence is a temporary accommodation in:

  • A supervised shelter;
  • A halfway house;
  • The residence of another person; or
  • A place not designed for regular sleeping, such as a hallway, bus station or lobby.


The cost of a pitcher of sweet tea will be accounted for when made instead of calculating a per glass cost.



coffee (starting pantry)
pitcher of sweet tea for the day

*NOTE: The pancakes did not turn out so well (my recipe was unclear and the batter was too thin). I opted to not eat them.

DAILY TOTAL: $1.63 (+$6.55 for the day, +14.54 for the week)
Total Spent to Date: $57.63
Total Remaining: $221.55

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Have you ever gone hungry because you didn’t have enough money for food? Have you ever skipped a meal so that another person could eat?

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