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Food Stamp Challenge Day 22: Thrift

After a tense morning of medical tests, we dropped in a few local thrift stores to look for a few items we’ve been wanting/needing. We found and purchased several things and had a conversation along the way about how prices at thrift stores have skyrocketed in the years since the recession. People are more careful with their money now and you are just as likely to see well-dressed middle class folks in second hand stores as you are those who actually appear to be nearly homeless.

At the start of February I found this old Singer sewing machine for $22.67 (total price) at a local thrift store. Now that the weather is turning cold and much more time will be spent indoors, it will be put to much use, the familiar hum reminding me of my childhood when my grandmothers would be busy with their various projects.


The thrifty theme of the day carried over into our meals, especially the more than adequate dinner of leftovers that was absolutely cost-free.



LUNCH: $.44

pasta w/ butter & pepper (John)
pasta w/ leftover tomato sauce (Michael)


dinner platter

DINNER: $0.00

leftover night included:
beef stroganoff
kale, broccoli, elephant garlic & onion sauté (gifts from Shawna Coronado
potato salad
stir fried veggies
sweet potatoes
sweet potato pierogi

NOTE: See that sweet school lunch tray? We found them at a local thrift store while shopping for other home needs. We picked up four of them for $.89/each because we’re cool like that. We are just crazy enough that we enjoy eating from them, not to mention the nostalgia was kinda cool.

  • Consumed Today: 2.36 [+6.64 for the day]
  • Consumed To Date (week): 2.36 [+6.64 for the week]
  • Consumed To Date (month): 96.31 [+92.69 for the month]
  • Spent To Date: 208.48
  • Remaining Balance: $70.70

QUESTIONS OF THE DAY: How has your attitude about shopping at second hand stores changed over the years? Do you feel more or less likely to find good deals these days?

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