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Food Stamp Challenge Day 2

So many really great points are being brought up in the comments on yesterday’s posts and I can’t thank you all enough for being a part of the conversation. Starting today we will introduce a new question with each day’s recap.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you think there should be limitations on the type of foods that can be purchased using food stamps / SNAP benefits? Why or why not?

Please leave your answer in the comments section or answer on your own blog or Facebook wall with a link back to this post.


Another day of spenshopping10-2ding, but that is to be expected as the month has only just started and we needed a lot! A rare sale on produce items gave us the opportunity to add some fresh veggies to our diet. We also found eggs for a dollar per dozen.

The masa flour will allow us make our own homemade tortillas (and even tortilla chips) for tacos, burritos and quesadillas among other uses.


coffee creamer 64 oz 6.48 oz .10
eggs 2 dozen 2.18 each .09
corn flour 4.4 lb 3.15    
turkey lunchmeat 1 lb 4.24 oz .27
turkey franks 10 1.62 each .16
coffee 27.8 oz can 7.62 .9 oz/pot .25/pot .03/cup
bananas 1.21 lb .77 each .19
smoked sausage 14 oz 2.17 oz .16
breakfast sausage 8 patties 1.08 each .14
carrots 4 lbs 2.18 oz .07
celery 2.25 lb 1.41      ERROR!    
turkey bacon   1.09 2 slices .14
red pepper 1 piece 1.09 each 1.09
yellow pepper 1 piece 1.09 each 1.09
pinto beans 2 lbs 1.48 cups .37
black beans 1 lb 1.33 cups .65
kidney beans 1 lb 1.44 cups .72



The coffee creamer was a luxury item and while it wasn’t a wise choice, it was an acceptable food stamp purchase and we are trying to make this challenge a workable and realistic example.

We had a $5 off $25 coupon for the Save-A-Lot trip which helped with the bottom line price. Also discovered a ringing error in which the celery rang at $1.29 when it is on sale for $1.00.

We accidentally purchased a newspaper on the same transaction at Walmart where we were able to take advantage of their price matching policy on dried beans, but it allowed us to make the point that you should check your store’s price matching policy. In Walmart’s case they will price match the Sunday newspaper that sells at the Dollar Tree for $1. The $1.09 from the newspaper purchase will be credited back toward the total.



breakfast10-24 scrambled eggs (starting pantry)
1/2 cup grits (starting pantry)
4 slices of toast
3 Tablespoons margarine (starting pantry)
coffee  (starting pantry)

NOTE: The starting pantry contained 4 eggs (now depleted), 2 cups of grits, 6 oz of margarine and about 8 oz of coffee. Once depleted, these items will be purchased as necessary.

lunch10-2JOHN’S LUNCH: $0.74

In his super cool Superman lunchbox, John packed:
Turkey & cheese sandwiches (2)
4 oz carrot sticks (starting pantry)

The sandwiches were made up of:
4 slices of bread
2 ounces of sliced turkey
2 slices of cheese (starting pantry)
2 teaspoons of mayo (starting pantry)

NOTE: The starting pantry contained 3 slices of cheese, 6 oz of carrots and about 8 oz of mayonnaise. Once depleted, these items will be purchased as necessary.


mashed potatoes (leftovers)
turnip greens (leftovers)


dinner10-2DINNER: $2.53

Red beans & rice w/ turkey smoked sausage
2 cups dried kidney beans
1 onion (starting pantry)
1 cup rice (starting pantry)
spices (starting pantry)
7 oz turkey smoked sausage
sweet tea (starting pantry)

NOTE: The starting pantry contained 1.5 lbs of onion, basic spices, 8 quart sized tea bags and 2 cups of sugar. Once depleted, these items will be purchased as necessary.

If you want us to post any of the recipes you see mentioned during the challenge please just say so in the comments. We’re more than happy to share.

DAILY TOTAL: $3.87 (+$4.31 for the day, +7.99 for the week)


Total Spent to Date: $57.63
Total Remaining: $221.55


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