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Food Stamp Challenge Day 14

We have officially completed the first two weeks of the challenge with the end of Day 14 and we spent yesterday doing decidedly non-challenge things for a change, working on a new raised bed, then collecting river rock and sand for some projects around the yard. These projects are part of what we do as a matter of routine – gardening.

Growing a garden is a great way to lower your food bill and increase the amount of fresh produce in your diet and it can be inexpensive to do as well. Over the next few days we will begin to talk more about how growing at least some of your own vegetables can have a huge impact on you, your family and those around you.



sausage / turkey bacon


LUNCH: $0.20
chicken salad sandwiches (leftover chicken from Day 13)
on whole wheat bread

Leftover chicken was deboned and put into the food processor to chop it uniformly before being combined with minced onion, pickle relish, salt & pepper and mayo in a bowl. 

This is one of the quickest and most inexpensive lunch meals you can make, and it makes use of the dark meat chicken which I don’t otherwise enjoy eating so it’s a win win!

DINNER: $3.39

sausage & peppers


  • Consumed Today: 5.09 [+3.91 for the day]
  • Consumed To Date (week): 34.39 [+28.61 for the week]
  • Consumed To Date (month): 61.52 [+65.66 for the month]
  • Spent To Date: 159.59
  • Remaining Balance: $119.59

QUESTION OF THE DAY:  Choose your question based on the category in which you fit:

If you have been on food stamps:
Whether it is allowed or not, do you think or have you ever thought about whether or not you should purchase something with food stamp benefits? Some examples might include: candy, desserts, steak or other expensive cuts of meat, etc.

If you have not been on food stamps:
Have you ever judged someone using food stamps or EBT in a store based on their purchases?

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