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Food Stamp Challenge Day 13: Answers

NOTE: Because I’m an idiot, I accidentally lost the Day 12 entry and do not have a backup copy on my computer. Oops.

A week from now we will have a house guest for a couple of days when a longtime friend and colleague will be visiting while here on business. We are not adjusting anything for the visit and will still be living within the rules of the challenge for the duration. Because the colleague is a gardener though, I do suspect there will be something green and tasty arriving with them.

For all of the public commentary going on here, I have to admit to being impressed at the number of private messages I receive relating to what we’re doing. These messages are telling very personal stories, telling me of how some are seeing their own biases and being forced to face them head on as a result of this dialogue.

People’s attitudes are changing about those around them. They tell me they are more aware and that they appreciate what we are doing. As masochistic as it sounds, I’m appreciating this entire project more with every day. Sure, I want something I can’t have on occasion, but who doesn’t?

Oddly enough, the thing I’m looking forward to most about the end of the challenge isn’t eating. It’s the break I’ll get from the daily accounting for it all! Did I mention I’m not a numbers guy?






LUNCH: $0.65

6.5 oz carrots
peanut butter & jelly sandwich


DINNER: $3.60

roasted chicken
sautéed cabbage
Sierra Mist


  • Consumed Today: 5.49 [+3.51 for the day]
  • Consumed To Date (week): 29.30 [+24.70 for the week]
  • Consumed To Date (month): 56.43 [+60.57 for the month]
  • Spent To Date: 159.59
  • Remaining Balance: $119.59

ANSWER OF THE DAY: Got a question to ask? Today’s your chance! Let us know what questions are lingering on your mind (pertaining to the challenge and related issues, please).

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