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Food Stamp Challenge Day 1



We were short on time for shopping today as John had to work, so we had to do a very quick blind shopping trip to the two nearest stores because the current sales start tomorrow.

Still, we started with just a barebones pantry and certainly didn’t have much to put together a meal with.


all purpose flour 5 lbs 1.62 cups .09
sugar 8 lbs 4.12 cups .23
green beans 2 cans .86 can .43
whole corn 1 can .43 can .43
white rice 4 lbs 2.49 cups .31
yeast 3 packets 1.08 packet .36
hot dog buns 12 pack 1.08 each .09
russet potatoes 10 lbs 3.25 lb .30
turnip greens 16 oz bag (fresh) 1.30 oz .08
chicken breast 2.81 lb 4.57 oz .10
sloppy joe mix 1 can 1.08 can 1.08
sand. bread loaf 1.08 slice .05
  TOTAL SPENT 22.96    


While we did spend just over 8% of our total budget today, most of the purchases have a lot of staying power. 10 pounds of potatoes will last the entire month, as will 4 pounds of rice.  The split chicken breasts came pre-seasoned and were reduced for quick sale. Flour and yeast will make it possible to make our own bread after we have used the loaf bread and hot dog buns.

NOTE: In the interest of not wasting food that was already on hand as well as to reflect a somewhat accurate portrayal of what the average household might have at the start of a given month, we have a starting pantry with basic perishable items that would otherwise spoil as well as a few basics. None of the items in the starting pantry would be considered a luxury item and with few exceptions, only items that are in danger of going out of date or have already been opened are included. A complete list of our starting pantry items will be posted soon.


John had coffee with powdered creamer & sugar and I had hot tea & sugar from the starting pantry.

LUNCH: $0.20

John made 2 peanut butter sandwiches with bread purchased today and peanut butter from the starting pantry. The per slice price of the bread comes out to $.05.

Michael had a packet of ramen noodles from the starting pantry.

day1dinnerDINNER: $4.30

Oven roasted chicken 
turnip greens
mashed potatoes
Sweet tea (starting pantry)


DAILY TOTAL: $4.50 (+$3.68 for the day)


We both woke up hungry this morning and though we’re accustomed to skipping breakfast more often than not, we probably shouldn’t have today. John’s sandwiches for lunch didn’t fill him up and the tap water at work was so unpleasant he didn’t drink anything.

Dinner was great and very welcome after a long day.

Total Spent to Date: $22.96
Total Remaining: $256.22

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