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Have You Seen My Patience?

The past few weeks have been, to use a phrase that my dear granny loved so much, enough to make the Pope want to cuss.  If it is possible for something to cause stress it has. Moments that should have been marked by joyous smiles and happy tears have been marred by ghosts of the past that don’t seem to be satisfied with just being remembered. As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for. If you want to learn patience you’re going to be given every opportunity.

I have started a new daily routine – a ritual if you will – to help me remain grounded, re-center myself and keep that unruly ego in check.  What kind of remarkable thing can do all of that?

A broom.

Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Every day I sweep.  I sweep the kitchen, sweep the laundry room and sweep in front of my own front door.  In those few moments of quiet where the only sound is the gentle swish swish of the bristles, the loving kindness meditation is the sole focus of my thoughts:

If anyone has hurt me or harmed me
knowingly or unknowingly
in thought, word or deed
I forgive them

I likewise ask forgiveness
if I have hurt anyone or harmed anyone
knowingly or unknowingly
in thought, word or deed

May I be happy
May I be peaceful
May I be free

May my friends be happy
May my friends be peaceful
May my friends be free

May my enemies be happy
May my enemies be peaceful
May my enemies be free

The entire process may take 10 minutes a day, but placing this new importance on a task that is generally not all that rewarding has quickly made an impact on my attitude and reminded me that sometimes the right thing to do is just to shut up and sweep.

…and the floors look amazing.

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