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An Earth Day Message from Michael

I can still remember my first Earth Day in 1989. I was a senior in high school, full of ideas and hope for what the future would hold. It was the year I first embraced vegetarianism, something that would be a part of my life for many years.  Truth is that when left entirely to my own devices I am naturally a vegetarian and rarely think of eating meat on my own.  But I digress…

Earth Day is one day out of every year.  It represents not what huge things we can accomplish in a 24 hour period, but what we could do if we each adopted small changes that we embraced year round.  If we all carpooled for took public transportation regularly, imagine the amount of fossil fuels we would avoid consuming. 

If we gave up paper towels, paper plates and other pointless disposable items that we take for granted, how many trees would we save?  How many tons of trash would be saved from the landfill?  Changing those things for just one day would make a small impact, but what if we changed something – even something that seemed minor and insignificant – for good?

That is my wish for you on this Earth Day 2011.  That you will find some small thing that you and your family can do for good and commit to turning that commitment into a lifestyle change.

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