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Just For Today

We are all in this together.

From the drug-damaged celeb desperately clinging to the fringes of his fifteen minutes to the Japanese family simultaneously mourning the loss of loved ones while bracing for the impact of another aftershock in the shadow of impending nuclear disaster, we are one.

Though the edges are tattered and portions are threadbare, we are cut from the same cloth and that tapestry is a beautiful and enduring testament to the history of humankind, its successes and its failures.

Just for today I will strive to put aside my petty grievances.

Just for today I will make an effort to put my own tired and aching feet into someone else’s shoes and see the world beyond my own eyes.

Just for today I will look beyond color, race and class and delve into the content of people’s character – beginning with my own.

Just for today I will concern myself with the hurt of others before hurting others with my concerns.

When I lay my head down to rest tonight I will be mindful of just how blessed I am to have a pillow and a blanket, a bed and a roof to shelter me. I will whisper a prayer to the deity of my choosing for affording me the freedom of peaceful sleep while thousands of men and women pray to their chosen deity that their loved ones in Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond will live to fight for that freedom – just for today.

Just for today I will live in this moment and love like there will not be another today.

Just for today I will forget who I am long enough to learn who you are.

We are all in this together.


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