What’s New in 2014 at My Earth Garden

by Michael Nolan on 1 January 2014 · 0 comments

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Think. Do. Be. Good. Make this your resolution for 2014!

Happy New Year!

2013 was so packed that it is largely a blur, but I have a new commitment to the site and a new weekly calendar format that I think is going to make us all happy. Here’s what you can expect from My Earth Garden this year:


Back in May I told you I was going to start sharing my weekly dinner menu. At the time I was in the throes of the then-new work contract with Home Depot Garden Club and as a result, that particular commitment to this website and to you never materialized. That contract comes to an end in two weeks, and in 2014 I will finally make good on that promise with weekly "What’s For Dinner?" posts that share what I am cooking along with links to all of the recipes right here on MEG.

These new posts will happen weekly on Sundays, the day that I usually finalize my meal plan and do the shopping for the upcoming week. As part of this process, you will see a lot of new recipes appear on the site on Sundays as well, so get ready to get in the kitchen!


Monday will be the day for crafts and DIY projects of all kinds. From great ways to repurpose, recycle, and salvage to fun kid-friendly projects, there will be so many great projects you won’t know what to do with yourself.


What would My Earth Garden be without a day devoted to gardening? Tuesdays will be that day. You will get expert gardening tips and advice, plans, reviews, and tons of great info.


I’m going to help you get over the Hump Day slump with great health, nutrition and fitness tips as well as ways to organize, clean, and beautify your home.


Thursdays are about people.Each week I will shine the MEG spotlight on someone I think is noteworthy and show you why I feel that way. From the well-known celebrity to those who are the stars of my life, everyone has a story and this will be the day I tell those stories.


Last year I started a micro-movement on Facebook known as Good News Friday as a way to counter some of the ever-present negativity that seems to pervade social media.  Since then it has become a weekly tradition for my Facebook family that has expanded to include the hashtag #goodnewsfriday for Twitter. 

On My Earth Garden I will share something good each week and encourage you to do the same.


For several years I was the go-to guy for all things frugal. Saturdays will be all about cost-cutting, frugal living and other moneysaving tips.

As always, the conversation is alive and well on my Facebook page, so if you haven’t yet joined us there, I recommend that to be your first resolution of the new year. Let’s make 2014 incredible!

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