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Rockstar Review: DollarShaveClub

A few weeks ago I came across a viral video that was going around. In it I watched Mike, the founder of a new website called Dollar Shave Club, explaining what his site was all about and how it worked. How did a video on such a boring topic go viral? Watch for yourself:

I was so entertained that I found myself watching the video several times and sharing it all over the place. Along the way I visited the website and read  up on the offerings and though I proudly sport a full beard at present, I signed up.

Let me say up front that my expectations were really low. First, I have hyper-sensitive skin and most razors are less-than-kind to my face and neck as a result. That combined with the fact that I only shave part of my cheek and my neck led me to sign up for the lowest priced plan, listed at $1/month (with $2 shipping, the monthly charge totals $3).

Apparently the viral video caught the company by surprise. I received an email several days after I signed up alerting me to the fact that they were overwhelmed by the response, and shipping would be delayed by a few days. It gave a specific date on which orders would begin shipping and a way to contact customer service with any questions.

Here’s what came in my package:

Dollar Shave Club Package

  • 1 shaver handle
  • 5 twin-blade cartridges with aloe vera strip
  • 4 packing peanuts

Michael unshavenWhile I don’t shave my entire face, I do shave my neck. The photo to the left shows several days worth of growth.

I had not shaved because I wanted to give my new Dollar Shave Club razor a good first test. The handle is comfortable to hold, and the blades are very simple. All in all they were exactly as described on the website when they say:

Dollar Shave Club Twin

The Humble Twin keeps it simple. It wields nothing but truth. It’s like your old high school gym, before the class of ‘62 alumni donated $1 million and rebuilt it into modern coliseum.

Michael shavenThe real test wasn’t how it looked, but how it handled, so I lathered up and got to work. The results (right) were pretty impressive for such an inexpensive razor.

I expected my neck to resemble my knuckles after a fight with a cheese grater but was pleasantly surprised when there was no such incident. Not even the first sign of razor burn or stubble. The shave was as close as I could have hoped for without any nicks or grabbing.

For cost, quality, customer service and performance I give DollarShaveClub’s “Humble Twin” razor an enthusiastic thumbs up. For those who might not be so brave as I, Dollar Shave Club also offers 4 blade and even an executive 6-blade model for $6 and $9/month respectively (shipping included).

Dollar Shave Club also offers a referral program that earns a free month of blades for every person who signs up using a member’s unique referral URL. If you’re interested in giving it a shot, my referral URL is: https://www.dollarshaveclub.com/ref/zx9/2ypfu8.

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