From John: Us…You….and …Them

by Michael Nolan on 4 October 2011 · 3 comments

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I am the middle of 3 boys.

I used to think my older brother was so cool. I remember as a kid – around the age of 10 or so – a time he got to do something I would have loved to do and in turn I got to do something that I would normally not get to do. He went swimming with the neighbors and I got to go to the park with my friends unsupervised.  (The times were different than they were now.)  I remember thinking how much I envied him and how unfair it was he got to do something so cool.

It wasn’t until later that day I found out that behind me was someone who envied me – my little brother.  Where I thought someone had it better than me, I never looked back to see that someone was even less fortunate than I.  He had to stay home with mom and dad.

Just before the challenge started I discovered that I take for granted the things I have.  The people in my life that I could allow to influence me, the time I have to spend doing something that is constructive or helping others.  Instead, I just complained about not having enough time.

cardboardsignIt’s easy to get caught up in talk about having too much, how we should be making things stretch on less, and the like. Then I remembered the man on the side of the road with this dog and his sign that read, ”HOMELESS AND HUNGRY WILL YOU PLEASE HELP”

There are so many facets to this challenge that so many people know nothing of – quite frankly that even Michael and I know nothing of.  For me this is a chance for personal growth and change.  For you, well what you are willing to take from it is up to you. Be dazzled today, disappointed tomorrow, but let it unfold, give the feedback, give the support, and when you disagree, give the criticisms.  It’s a learning experience for everyone.

The spaces in the title are intentional.  It’s time we all do what we can to close those gaps.

I do not want to close any dialogue here, just open the idea that where I might have it good today, tomorrow I could be out of a job, on the street and relying on nothing to fill the void that is my hunger.

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